Alex Fleming, perhaps better known by his singer/songwriter moniker, Black Atlass, has once again stepped into the limelight with a new project on Fools Gold, Haunted Paradise, which serves as the follow-up to his critically-acclaimed debut, Jade.

Equal parts sultry as it is haunting like that moment after an exciting encounter when your heart rate is still elevated but the BPMs are declining the project shows extensive growth from Atlass as an artist.

In an attempt to get to know the crooner a little better, we asked him to pick out his ten favorite spots in Montreal so that those that ever find themselves visiting or living in Mount Royal have a better idea of the hidden gems the city has to offer.

Here is a list of some of my favorite places to visit in Montreal. This list could definitely go on, but I didn’t want to reveal every secret in the city. There are thousands of places that could be recommended, but these were the first that came to mind. All of them I hold dear to my heart. I hope you pass these on and share them.

Cafeteria Las Palmas

Amazing place run by a sweet old Colombian couple. They have the best empanadas I’ve ever had, and the setting always reminds me of a Vince Gilligan set. Say yes when they ask if you want your empanadas with the sauce.

Westmount Look-out

My favorite place to dream and catch a mountain top view of the city and less crowded and with a nicer atmosphere than the main lookouts. I like to take a walk through the Westmount hills afterwards and imagine myself living there with that view.

Real Bagel

My favorite place to get a famous Montreal style bagel. St. Viateur Bagel usually gets all the shine, but growing up in NDG, Real Bagel is what I Golden Goose Outlet grew up on. Get the classic sesame bagel and a tub of cream cheese to eat it with.

Olive et Gourmando

One of my favorite lunch spots in the city [with[ amazing soup, salads and sandwiches. All great organic recipes. One of my favorite ways to enjoy an afternoon in Old Montreal.

Apartment 200

I have seen this place grow from a brand new bar that my friends had just opened a few years ago, to now quickly becoming a Montreal staple visited by every big name that comes through the city. A lot of crazy party memories have been made here, and you can still catch my friends hosting parties here weekly. Say hi to them for me. Try a whiskey sour.

Nora Gray

One of my favorite restaurants in the city. Amazing late night dinner atmosphere and great service. Go all out and order from every course on the menu. You will not be disappointed.


Another favorite place to shop. A great place to stop by if you’re in Old Montreal. Designer brands without the stuffy service.

Various furniture stores on St. Laurent between Rachel and Mont-Royal

These few blocks in the Plateau are home to some really inspiring furniture stores with amazing pieces and a really nice variety of styles from modern to antique.

McGill Campus

One of my favorite places to take a walk through, especially in the fall and summer. Classic and beautiful. There’s always great energy there, and I find it really relaxing, probably because I’m not a student.

La Belle Province


This is one place that I automatically visit every time I’m in the city. A classic, hole in the wall Quebec staple. This place should be a chain across the world. Please order a steamé ALL DRESSED.